I. Ending the Drug War

The Drug War will be known to posterity as one of the greatest unnecessary tragedies in governance history. Even with the increasing legalization of cannabis, more than a million and a half people were arrested for drug-related offenses in 2016. That’s an absolutely appalling number of people who did nothing wrong beyond imbibing some substances that moral police have decided they don’t like.

Just as wars cannot be fought if soldiers refuse to fire, neither can the Drug War be waged if sheriffs, deputies, and police refuse to punish people for making these harmless choices. Click here for an explanation of this policy.

II. Privatization

Theft is immoral, whether it is done by a stranger or a politician, and the first step toward achieving the goal of liberty in our lifetimes must be to pull the plug on the funding of government programs through theft. It is toward this end that, under my leadership, the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department would become privatized, moving to a subscription-based model. For a full explanation of this idea, please click here.

The subscription model would be set up such that those who call the sheriff’s office for service once each year break even, while those who need service less frequently would do better to pay on a case basis, and while those who need service more frequently would fare much better on the subscription. It should not be suggested that the Sheriff’s Department would check for active subscriptions before providing service; this is something to be done after the service, whereupon those without an active subscription would be mailed a bill.

Once this new paradigm has been implemented, the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department will formally notify the relevant offices that stolen funds are to be returned to the tax payer, and that failing to do so would be considered theft, and warrants will be issued for their arrests if they do not comply.

III. Harmless Choices

Under my leadership, the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department will immediately release all prisoners who have been kidnapped and held against their will for making harmless choices. “Victimless crimes,” or, more accurately, harmless choices, will in no way, shape, or form be prosecuted or acted upon. No choice, action, or decision that has no victim will be met with aggression, kidnapping, theft, and/or incarceration.

to be continued.